– About us –

To support your Industrial and Corporate Visual requirement, is not just our official job but our passion is.

Marius Galih Visual by PT. KUSUMA CITRA KREASI are based in Lampung-Indonesia. We can be deployed and assigned anywhere according to your requirement.

A corporate can lead public image by good quality picture that they create from professional visual creator. The true essence of your company, there are involved your steps, facilities, technologies, human, and industrial process can be captured to something exciting visual. There are will be world wide image, company profile website, commercial material, calendar, news, magazine, and another public images. For commercial surely images can be herd customer to look at your business, hotels, resort, hospitality, foods, architecture, and another products. Finally that can be an impact on your future.

We will always create the best visual think for your future investment. Because you are actually going to buy the effect of picture, not the picture is.

We are familiar with working in an industrial environment, certainly with insight and safety culture. Have knowledge Indonesia safety basic  “AK3 Umum” , can implement safety behaviour for “work at height”, “work in confined space”, “work in line of fire”, “work in flamable area”, and can follow all your company safety regulation. We usually use personal protection equipment (PPE) and carry out activities in high-risk industrial environments.

“It will be our pleasure to make picture for your future.




List of Client :

  • Suak Sumatera Resort – Lampung / Indonesia
  • Flambojan – Lampung / Indonesia
  • Whiz Prime Hotel – Lampung / Indonesia
  • CV. Fransindo Dextra Teknik – Lampung / Indonesia
  • PT. LDC Indonesia – Lampung / Indonesia
  • Artcoustic Musika Globalindo – Lampung / Indonesia
  • National Geographic Indonesia – Indonesia
  • Pertamina Geothermal Energy Area Ulubelu – Indonesia
  • Kyriad Hotel – Lampung / Indonesia